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12 Proven Ways To Get Google AdSense Approval

Google Adsense approval

Google AdSense approval process is not that hard, you just need to follow their privacy regulations and you will get approved.

How To Get Google AdSense Approval?

You just need 10 blog posts and good design of your blog to get Google Adsense approval.

Minimum 5 to 7 unique and useful contents can also make your work.

Even though I was flourished the Google AdSense approval in the second attempt but I want you to get it in just one entry.

It's just a matter of design of your blog and the quality of your content. Content must be unique and not copied from other resources.

Although you may have seen written on many blogs that AdSense approval proves is hard. Way back, the Adsense approval process was easy but now they have changed their policies and make this process quite hard.

But not, the process is not that hard, these are all rumours. Don't ever believe in these things. These things will break your spirits

When I got my first-time rejection then I also heard this blah, blah. Even some are saying that there is a hacker word in your domain so getting an AdSense approval is very difficult for you there is not any chance.

You can also read my Story on Google AdSense approval process.
Here are 10 things to keep in mind before applying for AdSense.

#1: Write High-Grade Contents

Q- Why user visit your blog?

A- For taking useful information.

You first need to create content for your visitors than for Google. Google only allow you AdSense if you have a good quality of content and visitors loves to read it.

Also, your Google AdSense application will be manually reviewed by humans there is not any Bot.

So try to make the content user-friendly. So they can easily understand.

#2: Navigation Menu

Good navigation is most helpful for your blog even it helps in users for navigation through your blog, it is also essential for getting Google Adsense approval. Adsense check your blog before approving your application whether you want to only get AdSense approval or serious with your blogging.

Also create menus, categories and installs other widgets so that when people visit your blog they don't have to face any problem for searching any content within your blog.

#3: Add Important Pages

There are zero chances for getting approved for AdSense without having About page, Contact page and Privacy Policy. And this is the common reasons for rejection.

About page tells about your blog and authors profile. Add contact page so people can contact you if they have any problem or need any help for any query.

Privacy Policy reflects how much you serious about your business. Privacy Policy describes to visitors what you are allowed to do on this blog and whats not.

So, create these pages before applying for Adsense. Otherwise, stay ready for rejection.

#4: Blog Design

Even you have written a good quality of the post and a great beautiful interesting story but if your blog has not a proper design and your post is not structured well then your visitors will find it irritating.

An elegant (like you) professional and fast loading theme can solve this problem. It can attract a lot of visitors to your blog and also helps in AdSense approval.

So, create a well-structured post and highlight the main points by using H1 to H6 headings. Use bullets and numbered list wherever possible.

So choose a good quality of theme that can provide you with all these things.

#5: Add Meta Description to your Blog

It is an essential part of your blog. A meta description is used to describe to Google and also to your visitors about the blog or content of your blog.

You just need to turn on this feature. If you are on a blogger turn on this by going into settings > Search Preference.

For Adsense Approval, you need this.

#6: Index your Blog

Before applying for Adsense index your blog in Google using Google Search Console. And make sure every post appears on Google.

You can check whether your blog is indexed or not by Google. Just search site:yourblogurl.com into the search of Google.

#7: Number of Posts-

It does not matter how many posts you need before applying for Google Adsense but makes sure you have at latest 6 posts, but I recommend you to have at least 10 posts on your blog.

I get my approval with 14 posts, but 10 are enough for Adsense approval.

But make sure these posts must be unique and well structured and every post must at least 500 words or more.

Many bloggers are struggling for AdSense approval even they have 100 posts and many get approved with just 3 posts.

There only uniqueness and quality matters.

#8: Copyright-Free Images

You are allowed to use as many images on your blog but not use any image directly downloading from Google. After finding your preferred image check whether it is free or copyrighted.

Because this can also create an issue in Adsense Approval.

But you are free to use any images from Pixabay or Canvas, whether it's free or paid. Many images are free and they are also all copyright free.

I am using images on my blog from these websites and not facing any problem, even they are free.

#9: Avoid using prohibited content

Adsense does not allow copied contents from others, images that are copyrighted, or any other prohibited media, so don't use these.

Also any se*ual content, hacking-related tutorials are banned for getting Adsense approval.

If your blog contains any of these content you will not get approved.

#10: Custom Domain

You can get AdSense approval with a free domain like blogspot.com, as I said in AdSense uniqueness and quality matters.

But still, a .com domain has high chances of Google Adsense Approval.

So try to use .com, .in domains rather than free.

#11: Turn on Comment Moderation

Maybe this is the reason for getting a rejection from AdSense in my first attempt and also when you read their policy there is really written that your blog's comment must set to moderation.

Moderation means we need to approve someone's comment manually before it gets published on our blog.

So check it and enable it if it's not.

#12: If Rejected Re-apply

Don't lose hope after getting a rejection from Google AdSense. There is not any limit on try again, try again, try again. Just find why they reject your application and try to solve it ASAP.

And Re-apply.


Only these things matter in Google Adsense approval. So make sure these things must present in your blog before applying for Adsense. And also try to improve your blog speed as it can help in Adsense approval and also in getting ranked into Google.

This is for now. Hope this article helps you in getting your Adsense account approved.

If you need any help or any query you can comment below or contact me directly, I will definitely help you.

Share this article with your friends on social media and please let me know which step is missing from your website and you added now and also which important thing that I missed mentioning.


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