10 things to do after publishing your blog post

So you now have written your blog post,  what to do next?? not know.
Here I will show you some far-reaching to-do things after writing your blog post.
If you know that it's important to submit your blog in a Google Search Console after publishing it online for making it appears on Google and make it easier to find your blog online.
If not, don't worry, follow this simple step by step guide to know how to submit your blog in Google Search Console.
Only making a blog and posting some blog posts is not enough, you have to do a lot of extra work for making your hard work pleased by people.
In the case of new blogs, You have written a post and after sharing it on your blog and now waiting for people to come and read and comment, these are a stupid thing.
I mean how will you get your audience if you don't share it on other social media and don't get any attractions from others.
These are some must-to-do things after publishing a blog post for getting traffic on your blog.

How to create your own blog on blogger for free?

Creating a blog is not a difficult task, just a basic knowledge of HTML and CSS is enough to create your own blog on blogger.

In this post I will tell you how to create your own blog on blogger for free, even a basic knowledge of CSS and HTML is not required for setting up your blog on Blogger.

Every beginner who just wants to start a blog or want to start blogging may hesitate in investing their money in the blog. This is absolutely normal and very common in every newbie.

They hesitate because they fear to fail or confused in thinking what to write as there is lots of information already available on the internet.

My friend everyone thinks the same as you at the beginning, don't fear just start.

There are many platforms where you can create your own blog for free.

Blogger and Wordpress are free to use and for creating a blog for free, if you want to start your blogging journey for free then Blogger is a good choice. Although there are some limitations to free Blogspot, still it&…

How To Submit Sitemap to Google (Step by Step Guide)

A sitemap is the most important thing for your blog. You need to submit sitemap to Google for getting some attractions from Google.
It is like perfume which attracts the crawler of Google to come on your website.
Crawler means crawling and indexing your website for adding in the Google, so your blog can come up in the Google SERPs.
A sitemap helps you to add your website to Google so that more people can reach your website.
When you submit sitemap to Google, it adds all the links of your blog to Google.
Now, let's talk technically, What is a sitemap? A sitemap usually an XML file which contains all the URL of your blog. It is a list of every post and page of your blog.
It also contains, when were you last updated any post or page on your blog.
When Google-bot comes to your blog it checks the sitemap file and scans all the links that your blog includes.
Google understand from this file, which page you give more priority and which you want to hide. No-Index Tag- If you want to hide a…

8 Amazing tools Google Search Console Dashboard

As you hear the term of Google Search Console, this is a free Google Webmaster tool which helps you in indexing your website or blog in the Google.
There is an inbuilt Simple Google Search console dashboard that is easy to understand and where you can perform every action you want.
This is also a tracking system for your blog where you can check your website performance, coverage, which page is performing better and which keyword is driving traffic to your blog.
You can also find from which country the traffic is coming, how many impressions you get in Google search? and how many times your link gets clicked?
Apart from that, you will also obtain information about what is the average position where your blog is ranking.
In total, Google Search Console Dashboard helps you in optimizing and monitoring your website and help you to display your website in Google search results so more people can reach your website.
You can take advantage of this free tool for getting and tracking your bl…

How to "optimize blog post for SEO"? For absolute beginners

"How to optimize my blog post for SEO"? This question comes in everyone bloggers mind who has started a new blog and want to rank it into Google.

In this post, I have covered every basic step you need to "optimize a blog post for SEO".

This article is specially designed for absolute beginners.

Before going any further, Let's first know,
What is SEO?
Search Engine Optimization is a technique by which you can rank your blog in the Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). It is the process of getting an unpaid and good quality of traffic on your blog through organic search.

If you do it in the right way then your blog also features in the top five search results of Google.
It is the process to optimize a blog post or website so other people can find your blog easily in the Google search.
Traffic came through Google search will be called organic traffic and it will be related to our content and helpful for our blog to rise.
You just have to do some changes in the…

How to start a blog? Basics of Blogging | Beginners Guide

There was a time when we use the Internet only for downloading games, music, movies. At that time we know nothing about blogs and blogging. We don't know that we can also start our own blog and website. Before you start a blog you must know some basics of blogging.
We have grown up now, now we know what a blog is and what we can do with it.
At this time many people are blogging by leaving their 9 to 5 jobs. They have made their life with blogging and earning money by working from their homes.
But not everyone is lucky as them. We can't get rich by creating a blog and putting 10 to 20 posts in it. We have to be diligent and the biggest thing is we have to be persistence.
We must have faith in ourselves that we can also be successful.
It is also true that not everyone starts a blog by thinking that I want to make money from a blog. Some start a blog by following their passion. They love to write, they love to share their knowledge they have.
They always try to do something new …

How to generate a sitemap for google?

In this post we will share you that how you can generate a sitemap for google and how you can submit a Sitemap to google.

Before we go further you can also check my these articles:

Earn money with blogWhat is website?What is a Sitemap? Google Sitemap is a list of pages and post of your website. It is an important part for improving the SEO of your website.
A Good Sitemap help your website to show at the top of the Google Search Results. Sitemap contain the information about the pages, videos or other files on your site, and the relationship between them.
Google read this file to get the information about your website. A Sitemap tells Google which page you give more importance and which page you want to hide from Google search results.
A Sitemap also contains the information that how often you update your website, which page is newly added and for any alternative versions of a page.
In this post i have share some steps to generate a sitemap for Google, by following them you will learn h…