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How To Install Wamp Server On Windows - Step By Step Guide?

If you want to simply create a web page or want to design a professional PHP based application having a WAMP Server can strengthen your building task.

In this article, we will learn How To Install Wamp Server On Windows so you can run your PHP code or work on your Web Development related Projects without using any service online.

Every professional website builder creates and tests their website or application offline before making it live officially. This is also a good habit for every beginner who just starting in this profession of web development.

Wamp Server comes with Apache Server, MYSQL DataBase, PHP MyAdmin to develop and manage your PHP project on your local computer without using any server online.

You can run your HTML codes on your browser but for running a PHP code, you need an internet connection and host to execute your PHP script.

With Wamp Server you can create your own local environment on your computer so you can work on your PHP projects offline.

If you want to use Wordpress then WAMP Server can ease your work for testing your blog or website before making it live for your audience. Because WordPress has also written in PHP you can install WordPress on WAMP Server and use any suitable theme for your blog, you can also install plugins for powering your blog.

Install Wamp Server On Windows

#1: Download Wamp Server

First Download Wamp Server from their official website.
Install Wamp Server

Download the appropriate version of the wamp server for your window. If you are running a 32-bit window, download a 32-bit wamp server otherwise 64-bit.

You can check your operating system compatibility by going to your computer properties.

#2: Select Language

After your download is finished run your download setup from your computer by double-clicking on wamp server setup.

Select your preferred language which you want to use during your installation process. Then click Ok.
Install Wamp Server

#3: Accept License Agreement

In the next window, read their license agreement and accept the agreement by clicking "I accept the agreement".
Install Wamp Server

#4: Install Visual C++ Packages 

Before installing wamp server your computer must have certain elements installed on your computer to work wamp server properly. You need to download these element from the Microsoft official website.
Install Wamp Server
These are Visual C++ Redistributable Packages created by Microsoft to run some software properly.

So before going further make sure you have these. If you have these already installed on your computer, click next.

#5: Select Directory Location

From the next window select the folder where you want to install the wamp server. By default wamp server will install in the c:\wamp64 directory. If you want to install it in another folder you can do so by clicking on the browse.
Install Wamp Server
Then, click Next.

#6: Select Folder Directory

Next, by clicking browse, choose a folder where you want to place a wamp server program shortcut.
Install Wamp Server
Click Next.

#7: Click Install and Wait

All Done, Now the setup is ready to get installed on your computer.

From the next window just click Install and your installation process begin automatically.
Install Wamp Server
Just sit and relax It can take around 5 to 8 minutes to get installed.
Install Wamp Server

#8: Choose Browser

In this process, it may ask you to select your desired browser which you want to use with wamp server.
Install Wamp Server
choose any browser from this by clicking yes.

#8: Choose Text Editor

Again it will ask you to choose an editor which you want to use for writing your scripts.
Install Wamp Server
My suggestion for you is that always use notepad++ for writing any type of script code. Select it by clicking on yes.

#8: Check Status In The Taskbar

After all, these, make sure your wamp server must be turned into the green from red, check your taskbar's bottom right after installing wamp server. If wamp server does not turn to green or it stays on red or orange then there must a problem with VC++ redistribute packages or other.
Install Wamp Server
Click next.

#9: Finish The Installation

All Done. Click Finish.
You have successfully installed wamp server on your computer. Just check from the notification bar that it must be green.

You can visit your wamp server localhost by visiting localhost from the URL address bar of the browser which you chose in the installation process.
Install Wamp Server
Thank You for reading this post if you face any problem regarding this article you can comment down below or contact us by visiting contact us page. We are always free to help you.
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7 SEO Strategies To Beat Your Competitors In Blogging

7 SEO Strategies To Beat Your competitors In Blogging
If you are reading this post then you probably have your keyword and competitors who are ranking higher then you.

Or maybe on a first position with your chosen keyword and you want to beat him down so you can get your position in the Google Search Results.

To achieve the first ranking or to show up on the first three results of Google you need some good SEO Strategies.

This happens to everyone when you want to create content on any topic, you research and find that there are already many articles out there on your topic.

When you check the keyword difficulty, you found that it's very high- it means hard to rank on your keyword due to massive competition.

Especially for beginners when your domain authority is low and not even your single post is ranking in Google then it's exceedingly hard for you to outrank your opponents. 

Many professional websites are ranking on the top due to their high domain authorities, they build an SEO plan before executing it so winning against them is a tough challenge. But not unthinkable.

These are my 7 Seven SEO Strategies to beat your competition on Google.

#1: Produce Valuable contents

If you want to win against your competitors, your content has to be better then them.

Before writing, First check your competitor's article that what they have written, how they craft their article to achieve first ranking and find which thing they missed to mention.

Now do some research on your subject and try to gather more useful information to mention in your article which your competitor lacks.

If your opponent has a 2000 words article try to write a minimum of 2300 words in yours.

If you are out of things to mention or ideas not coming into your mind, you can use People also ask box in Google

or check what Google suggests to you when you search using their search box for more ideas.

You can also use the LSI GRAPH tool to suggest some synonyms or other unique topics.

Properly optimize your article with your keyword. Your keyword must be present in your blog URL, Title, Meta Description and naturally in your content(Don't do keyword stuffing).

Related Article:- How To Write Blog Posts in 7 steps? No one is Perfect in Beginning

#2: Improve Page Speed

Page speed is important for user experience as well as for ranking in Google.

Google stated that while showing Search results, their algorithm sort those pages higher who have less loading time.

And for user experience, if your blog takes more time to load, then obviously you will be going to lose your customer.

Also, it can increase your bounce rate that can affect your SEO factor indirectly.

Overall, slow page speed can affect your ranking as well as your customers. Use this PageSpeed Insights Tool to check your site speed.

#3: Check How Many Backlinks They Have

Always try to build more and more backlinks, as backlinks are the essential factor in the Google Ranking.

You can use Ahref free backlink checker tool to check your competitor backlinks so you can build more.

If your Competitor has 20 backlinks you have to make at least 25 to outrank him.

But they must be coming higher Domain Authorities and must have a correlation between your blogs.

Now Google has become smarter to figure out the bad links from the good. A backlink can help you achieve a higher ranking in Google, but only if they are from authoritative domains.

Domain age can also be beneficial. Because backlinks are more powerful when they are coming from old aged domain then newer ones.

#4: Don't Mess With High Authorative Domains When You Are Beginners

When you just start Blogging doesn't try to compete with old aged domains. They may have many high-quality backlinks and more Authorative blog than yours.

Find newer blogs, less than a year or a year old. You can easily beat them.

But still, if you want to compete with higher authoritative domains then work with long-tail keywords.

#5: Use Long Tail Keywords

If you find that hard to rank with a short tail keyword then long-tail keyword can work well. Long-tail keywords can help you to outrank the competition.

Short tail keywords are of one to two words, while longs tail keywords have three to four or more words.

Even Long tail keywords get less traffic but their conversion rate is high as compared to short-tail keywords. Because they are more specific and longer.

#6. Use Structured Data (

Structured Data helps Search Engines to better understand about the web page that what the web page is about and which information it contains.

It Structured your article in a manner so search engines can address it more effectively then process and analyze it faster. It can help you achieve your ranking if used correctly.

To learn more about Structured Data read this Yoast SEO Article.

#7: Amp Can Be Your Ranking Factor

AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) is designed to enhance user experience. The main benefit of AMP is speed.

This loads up the site quickly on mobile since mobile responsive sites take much time to load as compared to desktop.

I am not 100% sure that it can be your ranking factor but definitely improve your site loads time.

Less load time = Improvement in Ranking

Wrapping Up

This is my SEO strategy plan for you to outrank your competition. Now you know how to beat your competitors just do it precisely.

Create good high-quality content, improve your site loads time, target long Keywords.

Also when you are a beginner Don't challenge other high competitors, you can't beat them in one night. Just focus on building high-quality content and Backlinks.

Always Spy your Competitors what they do on Social media or anywhere you can.

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How To Make Money From Facebook Page?

make money from facebook page

Facebook is worthless if you just use it for chatting and posting your snaps. For till now, you use Facebook just for your fun but now Facebook has changed a lot. Now its time to

Make Money From Facebook Page?

Instead of using it just for chatting purpose, you can actually make money from your Facebook account.

If technology gives us a lot of features and benefits, then why shouldn't we grab it with both hands?

There are lots of strategies to earn money online by spending the least time. Many people have made their life by earning online. They left their toughest job to become a freelancer.

But you need a skill to stand out as a freelancer. Freelancing is not an easy to do job, this is hard but your passion keeps you working on it.

Facebook is also one of those which can provide you with a job but not as a Facebook developer or Engineer but as a freelancer.

Just create a Facebook account, if you already have one then create Facebook Page.

And in this post, I am going to talk about how you can earn money from Facebook page.

For making money on Facebook first you need to create a Facebook Page.

If you already have a Facebook page then you probably know your targeted audience.

Before creating a page, you must be clear with your audience that what are their needs and what I am going to share on my facebook page. So first-

#1: Find a Niche

Always choose a niche in which you are interested and have knowledge. A wrong chosen niche can lead you to destruction after some time.

A niche must be like in which you love to learn and share, so you never stop yourself from learning and always motivate yourself that you never get bored with your niche.

Whichever niche you choose always come up with unique ideas and be creative.

If you start copying from others then it's not going to worth it, your readers will get to know that you are copying from others.

So use your creativity and always produce unique content.

#2. Build An Audience

So now you have your own Facebook Page and you know your niche and targeted audience. Now start posting every single day don't miss any day.

If you want to keep people engaged with your page, post at least one content a day.

People want daily fresh content and you need to do that because this audience will make you earning from your page.

If you don't have any readers for whom you post and share.

So in the origin take care of your audience, what they are expecting from you. When you have enough following start monetizing your page.

#3: Earn Money By Selling likes

When you have enough followers other people automatically approach to you. They know that you have a large number of followers and unique targeted audience.

When other people create their new page they need help from other pages manager for growing their page. They want you to share their page.

They willing to spend money on it and obviously, you work hard for growing your own page and now it's your right to charge some money to share their page.

You can charge money by sharing their page on your page or you can create your own plan like-

$5 = 500 likes
$10 = 1100 likes

It's up to you how you market.

#4: Use Affiliate Marketing

If you have a niche page then you can earn a decent amount of money by using affiliate marketing.

Use Amazon or other affiliate networks. Some affiliate network also offers referral commission, just refer their product or something and when your audience buys or perform specific action you earn a commission.

If you have a page on Men's Grooming and you have enough followers related to your niche you can use the Amazon affiliate program.

They have endless products on Grooming you can choose any and suggest to your audience and when they buy you will get your commission.

For earning your audience trust, you can use that product and then share a review. In this way, there are higher chances of your audience to buy that product if they have faith in you.

As like this you can use a numerous number of affiliate chain on your Facebook Page.

#5: Build Email List

Email List is the best way to run an online business. So Build your own.

Use MailChimp like services for building an E-mail list. MailChimp is free up to 2000 subscribers.

Create a landing page and embed a signup form where your visitors can join. Then create a link of that page and share.

Request your page audience to subscribe your email list to get special offers from them.

When you have enough number of subscribers you can send special deals, offers or something you want them to buy.

This way email list can produce a good sum of money for you.

#6: Sell Or Recommend Any Product

Now you have many followers and also an Email list. It's time to earn more.

Create your E-Book containing information or something that your audience needs and set the price according to the hard work you have done on creating an E-Book.

You can create your own book or promote from Amazon to make money.

You can also create a Shopify store. There you need to invest some money to set up your Shopify store. It will worth spending money when you have an email list and many followers.

Find and add products to your Shopify store and suggest to your audience to buy this or that.

Now money is flowing towards you like cold air in the winter.

But Don't get excited, Earn more and more there are countless opportunities to earn.

#7: Earn By Promoting Websites And Blogs

Now you have everything you need (money, email list, followers) but as I said countless opportunities to earn more.

Now start promoting other's Website and Blogs that relate to your niche. Charge money from them.

You don't need to visit them they will come for promotion, just wait.

And Now you have Money Money Money Everywhere is Money.

Earn More.

#8: Share a Review

You can share your opinion after reviewing some products or someone's services you used.

Many merchandises will pay you when you write a review on their product. As you have many followers so your price will always high.

They will pay you higher for any review.

#9: Start Your Own Website Or YouTube Channel

If you have a talent that is hidden for long, use it. If you have great skills in communications you can easily influence people to perform some action. So Start your YouTube channel.

Start a YouTube channel you will easily get your subscribers because you already have so much support behind you.

Share reviews, make exciting videos that people love and add your affiliate links and you know what will happen after they buy. You Make Money.

If you are not much talkative like me, you can start your blog but there's one condition, you must have good writing skills.

You must have the talent to grow your blog write and publish contents daily or weekly basis and much other work are involved.

One Facebook page with millions of followers can drive so much traffic to your blog and YouTube channel.

Both YouTube and Blog can be monetized with Adsense or other affiliate networks.

You just need patience and Persistence money will come.

#10: Sell Your Facebook Page

I am not recommending you to sell your million followers blog which you build by putting a lot of hard work.

But it can be beneficial to sell when there is a problem with you. Your Facebook Fan Page can become your insurance when you have millions of followers.

You can sell it when you need. Millions of followers blog can be sold with thousands of dollars and when you have a big email list with a targeted audience then your page price will doubles.


In this article, we learn about How To Make Money From Facebook Page but there are countless opportunities to earn money online. You just need to be hard-working, creative and passionate about your work whichever you do.

You can make your living by doing freelancing.

If you have little bit strategies and you are full of passion, you can achieve everything you dreamed.

So that's it.

Hope you like this article and learn something new. How this article helps you let me know in the comments.

I will appreciate if you share my work.

Happy Blogging!!
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16 Reasons Why Most Bloggers Fail in Blogging

Why Most Bloggers Fail in Blogging

There are over 600 million blogs over the internet and many of them are a top-notch artist who writes articles for both human and Bots, they are on the top of the Google ranking and most loved by humans, they have thousand of returning visitors.

Still, can you think do you outrank them by starting a Blog Today?

The answer is YES.

That's where most of the bloggers fail, they think that there is not any Empty space where they can fit.

They think that which niche they have, there are already tons of articles written out there on it.

But they shouldn't have to think that way.

They just have to be more creative, more hard-working and must have a passion for blogging.

Many people start their blog just for the sake of money. Don't think about money at the beginning of the blog. You will fail if you blog only for money.

But these are not the only reason for it. In this post, I am going to share with you 16 Reasons

Why Most Bloggers Fail in Blogging

Some people start a blog by seeing many people have made their life with blogging, and many popular personalities on the internet sharing their photos on the Australian beaches, in Sahara desert and they say this is what they achieve with blogging and then you also get pumped and you also decides to become like them and you start a blog.

When you newly start a blog you have immense power to do something unique, in the start, you think like blogging is only made for you.

You start sharing your knowledge, your experience on your blog and after doing it for a month when you look back and see that you have not made a single penny from your blog.

Then, All your power go away which was present within you in the start.

So there are three reasons to fail either you choose a wrong niche or don't have any interest in blogging or just started for money by seeing other persons.

You forget about your interest and this is a common thing in every newbie.

Thus, we end up SHUTTING our BLOG DOWN.

#1: Wrong Niche

This is the first thing where you fail, you chose the wrong niche in which you are not specialised and you don't have much knowledge or any experienced about that niche.

Don't think that you have read some 10 20 articles and books and now you become a master in that niche and start teaching others, NO.

If you have interest in Technology you can't start a blog on beauty tips.

Suppose you have little bit knowledge about Beauty Tips but, what after that little bit of knowledge.

After your little bit of knowledge, you suddenly become out of ideas and as you have an interest in Technology and not in Beauty tips then you no longer keen to learn something new about that niche. Hence END.

So try to choose that niche in which you have the knowledge plus you are eager to learn everything new about that niche.

Like if you have interest in Technology then you not only write about that topic but also loves to research about new Technology articles.

Therefore you can write longer and better and never become out of Ideas.

#2: Not Taking Blogging Serious

Just buying a hosting and connecting domain is not enough. You have to take blogging serious only then it will work for you.

You have to post regularly and keep your visitors engaged with your blog otherwise they will run and never come back.

I am not telling you to create daily one post, you can create one a week but this definitely needs to be a great post.

Many bloggers fail because they don't take blogging seriously and not update their blog on regular basis and this will cause you to lose your visitors and then they will quit after not seeing any result from their blog.

#3: Attraction Of Money

Many bloggers start blogging to make money. They see other bloggers who are already earning thousands of dollars a month.

By seeing them they also want to become their own boss and start a blog just for making money.

Many bloggers who eventually fail, their mindset is to make money from their blog. Their main focus is on earning not on generating high-quality content.

They just write a post and publish and then write another.

But the success of the blog depends upon the content if your contents are not of high quality and not well structured you will not going to gain any customer.

Just think, who wants to read that mess of characters as there are lots of other articles are available on the internet.

So first focus on writing high-quality contents and attract more and more visitors then money will automatically attract towards you.

#4: Lack Of Patience

Patience is the key to success. Success doesn't come overnight.

Blogging is not a quick-rich scheme you need to do lots of hard work for your first $100.

It can take months or even years for you to achieve your first $100.

But many people don't understand this, they want overnight success and this is never going to happen so forget about this.

They start their blog with full of power and ends with boring death.

You need a lot of Patience in Blogging if your dream is to make life with blogging.

Just keep doing hard work, you will triumph.

#5: Low Productivity

You need to be more disciplined with Blogging. Give some extra time to your Blog.

I know you want to write more and more contents but you get distracted with other things.

Due to this all your power ends, you make excuses to write a post later, tomorrow I will write or edit this post and gradually this lead you to the end of your blogging and then you omit.

Many bloggers can't achieve success due to the laziness they want to do blogging and make it as a carrier but their laziness leads them to the ending.

Here are some tips to become more Productive

1. Make your Time Table for writing. Whether you want to write daily or weekly create a time table on how much time you will spend on writing daily or when evening or morning.

2. If you wake up at 7 am in the morning trying to wake at 5 am and make this habit. Extra two hours a day can save your lot of time. In this time you can write or edit your blog post. A quiet environment helps you become more productive.

3. Write daily. Never miss a day. This will also help you in improve your writing style and makes you a better writer.

4. Just do one thing at a time doesn't try to multitasking.

5. Turn off your computer while writing and choose a quiet place.

#6: No Knowledge About SEO

Search Engine Optimization is a technique to reach more people using Google or other search engines without paying any money.

This is also called organic traffic.

If your blog is not getting any traffic from Google then its an SEO problem on your blog. You need to Optimization your blog with the conditions of the search engine.

Take care of both, On-page SEO and Off-Page SEO.

On-Page SEO means you optimize your blog and every page like- add a link that directs other blog pages of your blog, decrease the loading time of your blog, optimize every image on your blog by adding alt tags, structure your blog using all heading tags.

With Off-Page SEO you add backlinks to your blog, share your blog on other social media etc.

Many bloggers lack SEO in their blog and don't get any attraction from outside. Even if you have several blog posts but if you don't optimize them for Search engines then you will not get any ranking in the Google.

Many bloggers quit blogging due to this they think they are not doing good that's because they are not getting any traffic but the real problem is SEO of their Blog.

#7: Not Promoting Their Blog

If you are not getting any traffic from Google either your blog is new, Google takes some time to rank your blog or you have not optimizes it for SEO.

Until then, you need to promote your every blog post to social media so people will know about your work.

After creating your blog you need to share it on social media like in the Facebook pages, groups and Twitter, also use Pinterest, so people should know about your presence in the blogging.

You can ask other bloggers for help they will surely help with your problem.

Without promoting a blog how will you get your customers?

Don't quit if you are not getting any attractions from others, try to find the problem that why this is happening?

#8: Lack Of Creativity

As a blogger you need to be creative, You must have a talent for solving other people problems. 

You must have a solution to every problem in your niche.

Ideas always flow into your mind like water in the river.

Blogging is all about solving other people's problem. If you are creative enough then you don't need to follow the norm.

#9: They Copy Others

Don't try to copy everything from others. Always write your own sentences.

You must have your own unique ideas for everything. If you always copy from others you will never gonna find your true potential.

You will not get any monetization Approval from ads networks like AdSense or Infolinks.

How long will you copy from others, people will stop following you and one day Google bots will ban your blog.

If you will always copy from others then you are going to fail in Blogging.

#10: Not Using Their Own Voice

Just remember:

1. Choose only that topic in which you are passionate to write, you love to learn and spread.

2. Don't copy from others.

3. Don't write in others voice from where you learn. Don't write like others write use your own Creativity to engage people.

You create a blog to help other people and build a relationship with them. For establishing yourself and build credibility you need to come up with your own ideas and creativity.

Always write as people love to read and don't hesitate to share your content.

#11: Write Write Just Write

Just writing daily and posting 2 to 3 posts a day won't make you popular.

You are not a writing machine that can write daily unique and quality contents.

If you write daily and don't spend your time on sharing your blog post, contacting other bloggers, on guest posting, then it will take you so much time to become noticeable by others.

You will get bored by writing daily and not getting any readers.

And then you will quit blogging because you have wasted your time in generating content and don't care about its quality and sharing your blog.

For being popular and to generate income from your blog just one blog post is enough to make are there many people who have made their living by just Writing 20 30 posts in their all-time in Blogging.

Because they have quality in their writing which make them successful, people wait for their new article.

On the other hand, some have 200 posts but still struggling for making blogging their carrier.

#12: Try to do Multitasking

If you want to make blogging as a carrier just focuses on your one Blog.

Don't try to make another blog if you start earning some dollars from your blog.

Many bloggers often work on two to three blogs, they are greed to earn more money.

When you focus on many things, then you can't concentrate on one blog and you ultimately you lose your interest from your every blog.

This leads you to failure in Blogging.

#13: Don't Plan Before Writing BlogPost

You must have a proper plan before writing a blog post, (Also what to do after publishing a blogpost)

Sometimes this happens that when you sit to write then ideas won't come into your mind.

If you directly sit on your laptop before even thinking the topic of your blog then you will get tired even before you write anything.

So you must have a plan for what you going to write in your blogpost and what are the main points in your topic.

If you divide your post into parts then you can write a lengthy post in more limited time. And always highlight the main headings using bold or h1 h2 h3 tags.

In short, you should have to create an outline for your blog post, so you have to spend lesser time on your blog post.

#14: Want Overnight Success

If you want overnight success on Blogging then this never going to happen.

Without hard work, there is nothing you can achieve.

I know you have seen many blogs with earning thousands of dollars in a month, but they didn't achieve this in a night, they have worked hard to reach this point

If you want success in Blogging then work hard, this is the only way to success in Blogging.

Although overnight success is also possible in Blogging, a single post can drive massive traffic to your blog if you do it right. But it will still take time.

#15: Bad Blog Design

With bad blog design not only your visitors won't come back again to your blog but you will also lose your interest from your own blog.

So Always use a good quality and user-friendly theme that can engage more people with your blog.

#16: Don't have Email List

If you have a big email list then you are doing great in the Blogging. People love to subscribe that blogs who gave them a regularly good quality of BlogPost and offers.

If you have an at least 1000 subscriber into your blog and when you share $20 worth E-book or other deal with your subscriber then suppose if out 1000, 200 buys your E-Book then your earning will be $4000 and instantly.

An email list can help you achieve your goals easily.

Wrapping Up

Blogging is neither an easy job nor it is a quick rich scheme. Many people Some people take it lightly. They leave their jobs and start working on blogs and they have to pay through the nose

In blogging, you need to do lots of efforts for being a success.

A passion in blogging is the only thing that will keep you up in the blogging otherwise you will leave it soon.

If you want to be a successful blogger and want to earn a blogger badge, start working from today. Blogging will be going to take your sleep away from you. You have to work hard.

And the last thing doesn't lose hope if you are not seeing any result from your blog, wait, keep patience and apply every tactic to show your presence.

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